One Big, One Small - Pick Two Kits

$ 57.00

Double the Fun - Pick two of my most popular kits of the last year at a special, reduced price. 

PLEASE NOTE: Unless you request for something different in the notes of your order, the color sent will be as shown in photograph (or the 3/4" cuff for the Valdani Bracelet Kit). If requesting custom color combinations in the notes, Please check each individual kit for inventory as some colors are sold out. I've included links below.  

Pick one kit from Tier 1 and one kit from Tier 2 for the low price of $57 for both kits!

Tier One - $42 - $44 (First five photos, in order, after shot of shelves)
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Coiled Jewelry Dishes (makes 5) - $42

Tier Two - $24 - $28
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Valdani Bracelet Kit (3/4")- $24

Kit 1 :
Kit 2 :