Bella Bento Bag Kit

$ 35.00

Woven twill tape makes the most lovely fabric. Filled with light and texture, this bag will become your go-to stash spot for just about anything, or the perfect little handbag with these lovely wooden handles! This bag is constructed in a rectangle of hand-woven fabric (no loom!) which is then hand stitched into place. It is straight forward in terms of technique (it's just over-under) but a little more time intensive in terms of weaving and hand-sewing (no machine required).

Measures 12.5" (32cm) high, 12.5" (32cm) wide without handles

Kit Includes:

:: Detailed Bella Bento Bag Video, walking though every step of weaving the bento bag
:: Supplemental written instructions to show how to add handles to your bag
:: 1 ball of Flax & Twine Cotton Twill Tape, 50 yards (43m), 100g (3.5oz)  of 3/8" (1cm) in your choice of colors
:: 1 spool coordinating Valdani thread for hand stitching.
:: Sharp Tapestry Needle
:: Clippers
 Kit does not include sewing pins, which you will need

OPTION 1 - Handles: Please select whether you would like the hexagon wooden handles or not. These are 12 cm across. The bag was originally designed without, but I love it with, don't you?

OPTION 2 - Book:  The Twill Tape Bento Bag Pattern (now Bella Bento Bag) was originally published in my book, Weaving Within Reach. If you would like the full written pattern, you need to select "I need your book."  Otherwise, you will rely on the video alone. Weaving Within Reach ($20 value) is an Introductory book to weaving by Anne Weil, which includes bento bag pattern AND 24 other gorgeous weaving patterns.  

Find stand alone Bella Bento Bag Video Class HERE

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