100% Cotton Social Distancing Masks

$ 18.00

These masks are made of 100% cotton quilting fabric. They have two ties, a dart for the nose, a dart for the chin and pleats.  I have added wire above the nose to shape there as needed.

I am making one to two masks a day to give-away to those that need them at my local hospitals or in my neighborhood.

Your purchase allows me to allocate some of my day to make even more masks. I am making these from scraps I have at home so am unlikely to duplicate what you see, although email me and ask if you have a question. Each mask takes me 50 minutes to make.

The pattern was designed by a nurse to be a re-useable cover for an N95 mask so those masks can be reused. They also are great for social distancing when you're outside or in public.

If you'd like to make your own mask, please find the free pattern for it here

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