Woven Patterned Bracelet Kit

$ 88.00

This beautiful bracelet is a great way to weave something special for yourself or a friend. By adding delicate woven fabric to a copper cuff, both pieces are enhanced. With three elegant color combinations, your woven cuff will compliment any personal style! 

Kit Options Include:


Materials - $20
:: 1 3/4" Copper Cuff
:: 13 yds of Habu A-147 Cotton Gima in color A (white or cream)
:: 8 yds of Habu A-147 Cotton Gima in color B 
:: weaving needle
:: 2 rose gold clips
:: Small clippers

Materials & Book (I have your loom!)- $36:
:: Weaving Within Reach
:: Materials List Above

Materials & Loom (I have your book!) - $72:
:: Flax & Twine 8" Hand Loom Kit
:: Materials List Above

Materials, Loom & Book - $88
:: Flax & Twine 8" Hand Loom Kit
:: Weaving Within Reach
:: Materials List Above

Flax & Twine 8" Hand Loom, ($68 value) lovingly crafted by hand out of cherry, measures 8" X 8.5" and has 5.5 notches per inch (5.5 EPI or 5.5 dent).  The weaving area is approximately 7" x 7". The loom kit comes with weaving needle, beater, sample warp thread, and instructions on how to warp your loom. 

Weaving Within Reach ($20 value) Introductory book to weaving by Anne Weil, which includes coasters patterns AND 24 other gorgeous weaving patterns ;))

The materials include everything you need except for glue which you will need for the final attachment of the woven piece to the cuff.

Loom :
Size :